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14 Oct 2013

2013-10-14 21:38:37 -0500

"First post" would be a good choice right? Or "Welcome to the site" or "welcome to the blog". Etc etc.

First posts are so hard to write because they're the future man. Here's that first post that I'm going to look back on as the start of something great. The first post in a long series of...

Five. Tops. I don't have a good track record of actually continuing to blog.

I spent all of my free time this afternoon just trying to get ghost running inside of nginx (and to play nicely with another site that was already running on the box), that by the time that everything was sorted, I was out of time to actually do any playing with Ghost itself.

Confession, actually. I had managed to find a pre-release copy of Ghost even though I wasn't a backer.

I wasn't impressed.

Frankly for me, Ghost is more about what the future can bring.

Given the insane amount of buzz, I figure this thing is going to be very popular and progress a lot in a short amount of time, so even if I'm not absolutely in love with it now, just give it time.

why I'm always looking for a better mousetrap

Is that the expression? Some days, I swear though, I often spend more time looking for new tools than actually getting any actual work done in said new tools.

See, before you actually have used a tool, everything can be all about the possibility. Ya know, kind of like how I feel about Ghost right now.

It's all about how this new tool can really be the thing that changes your life. Or something.

what I'm looking for

I loves me some Markdown. It's my preferred writing format. But frankly I loves me some pretty GUI too. My most recent blogging has been done using stuff like jekyll and middleman.

First, I love building static sites. They're so cheap to host and aren't anywhere near as vulnerable as a full dynamic site (I love to start things and then abandon them, so I don't want to be vulnerable due to my lack of updates).

Jekyll was nice but what drove me away was that it was too blog-centric. I wanted to build more grandiose things and jekyll quickly became inappropriate.

I ultimately switched to using Middleman and I absolutely still am in love with Middleman, but I never found a sweet spot with using it for blogging. For one, I missed having that pretty GUI previously mentioned.

I guess I should point out the obvious contender: Wordpress. For me, wordpress fell short in that it was written in PHP. Or perhaps it was how unpretty the raw template code looked when I opened it in an editor. So, wordpress was awesome until I decided there was something custom I wanted to do, and then, hell nah. Didn't want to touch it.

I'm hoping that Ghost will finally be the thing that gets me blogging on a regular basis.

what I'd like to see from ghost

I would adore ghost so much more if there were a static output option. Basically like middleman's build command where I do one command and it gives me a directory that can then be easily uploaded to Amazon S3 for super cheap hosting.

I'd also like to see some new themes. I'm not crazy about the default one. Specifically, the huge banner seems like such a waste.

For good or bad, I'd like to see some CMS like features. Ya know, the whole point of Ghost was supposed to be an answer to how Wordpress lost its focus and became more and more complex as it started getting used for CMS-like tasks.

But I want some of the CMS-type stuff anyway. Specifically, I think what I'd like to see is called "Pages" in Wordpress. Basically, the "sticky" posts that are always easily findable. I, of course, demand that there be a pretty GUI to edit these sticky pages.

And finally I think I'd like something that no blog system can provide: constant injections of motivation so that I'll keep writing.

Of course, I think Ghost is somewhat on its way to being that thing for me, in that it's a tool that's nice to look at and doesn't get too much in the way of the actual writing.

I'd love to form a daily blogging habit.

Still though. I give it like 5 days max right.