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audio glitches on a fresh install of 10.8.5

18 Oct 2013

2013-10-18 01:27:36 -0500

So, my intention was to do a fresh install of 10.8.4. I've never used a recovery partition to do a fresh install. I mistakenly thought that a 10.8.4 recovery partition would install 10.8.4. Nope. Apparently it installs whatever is the latest version from the mac app store. Which happens to be the very broken 10.8.5.

So I'm working on procuring 10.8.4 from an alternate source, but in the meantime, I thought, what the heck, maybe a fresh install would have solved the issue.


To clarify, I completely erased the partition before I did the install of 10.8.5. This was as clean as it gets.

After the install finished, I installed Reason 6.5.3 and then Screenflow 3.0.8 from the app store.

I was using the Apogee One with an external dynamic mic to test. Again, I encountered issues where one track would have a glitch but the other wouldn't.

The Apogee One supports both 48K and 44.1K. I thought, what the heck, let's see if that's the problem. Though it wouldn't have mattered if 48K was the problem because everything worked prior to 10.8.5. And my Turtle Beach headset (that gets used on another near-daily project) is only 48K.

Long story short, setting Reason to 44.1K did not help. I have no idea what Screenflow uses internally. I think Reason itself may have glitched less, but given how random this problem is to begin with, I can't really say that with any certainty.

a summary again of the audio issues

If finding/installing 10.8.4 works, I am going to declare 10.8.5 to absolutely have been the problem, but so far:

I really do think that 10.8.5 is the problem. If a fresh install of 10.8.4 does not work, then I guess my next step will be to look into any other freaking thing that might have changed. Like maybe my power connector is suddenly causing problems? I'll also be trying my other computers. However, the computer that is currently having the problems, is currently also the only computer powerful enough to run some of my software. Meaning I'm SOL if it is the computer itself.