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my future radar

19 Oct 2013

2013-10-19 23:55:45 -0500

About a year after I was thinking about doing something of this sort, I finally have a real attempt:

my future radar

Naming the thing was a nightmare. I'm often surprised by how many clever seeming domain names are already completely gone. I'm hoping that this name will be unique enough whilst remaining memorable.

why future radar

My personal motivation comes from two main sources:

  1. from playing with wicked wx where so many of the outlooks are ambiguous on time details. Future radar gives you both an idea on approximate start time and an idea of how things are going to kick off. Will it be an event that goes from (seemingly) nothing to tornadic supercells, or is it something where things won't immediately be severe and you'll hopefully have some lead time?
  2. I find future radar imagery to be so much more expressive than a simple rain chance percentage. Is the predicted rain going to come from something sparse and intermittent (where maybe your neighboring town gets it and you remain completely dry) or is it going to be something where, assuming it does materialize at all, it's going to get everyone wet?

I'd write more about this, but my brain is kind of zapped from the Rumble. And it's not even over yet.