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totally braindead

20 Oct 2013

2013-10-20 23:59:31 -0500

I should be excited. I should feel relieved.

Instead I just feel drained from a week of completely ill-timed things.

I'm not great to begin with when it comes to managing my time, but good grief, so many bizarre things just clumped together this week to make it a nightmare for me.

Ya know, things like major computer problems caused by an upgrade to 10.8.5. And that's when I discovered there's no easy way to find an old copy of a mac os. Apparently, you make a copy yourself or you're screwed. Because a completely fresh install of 10.8.5 did not fix the issue. Only saying eff it, and upgrading to 10.9 worked. Though, as of this writing, things have been so crazy that I have not had a chance to fully test all of the software I use on a regular basis, so I don't even know if 10.9 is going to be a fix. Oy.

And then the Rails Rumble ended up being this weekend so I never did get a break.

At this point, I can only cross my fingers and hope that everything went well with the 10.9 upgrade. Otherwise next week is probably gonna feel like hell too.

I'm also kind of stuck on what to do about my future radar. The burnout from the rumble is quite strong at the moment, but at the same time, I feel like I should make plans to keep moving forward.

See, I've got a few things about it that basically scare me technically, so if I don't make an attempt to figure them out now, I'm likely to sit on the idea. Now, a huge difference from what I started last year, is that there's something actually public. See, I tend to think that you should get something out there into the public to show. The worst that can happen IMHO is that no one shows up, so you get no feedback whatsoever.

But the reason why I feel it's so important is that there's always the chance that you will get visitors and people will show interest in the project. That can be a good way to win back some momentum and motivation when you'd otherwise be burnt out.

So yeah. There's that.

But probably trying to put to bed all of this 10.8.5 malarkey will be my first order of business by testing all of my apps before I have to use them in a record-it-or-lose-it-forever setting.

I'm totally gun shy right now though and am totally not looking forward to it.

No pressure, though.