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24 Oct 2013

2013-10-24 23:50:45 -0500

Let's face it. I'm blocked.

I had a topic. I was supposed to write an entry on finishing Tomb Raider. My first "let's play" video.

But all of the time that I had intended to spend on it just got swallowed up seemingly randomly, so now I will presumably be finishing it tomorrow.

I probably could've found the time to finish it today, but given that it's being filmed, there's just so much anxiety centered around that, that I wouldn't want to rush it.

I want the last day of filming to be a celebration. Frankly, I'm not really expecting my "let's play"s to go anywhere, but I've been having fun and I've learned a lot of French while playing it.

Well, I should clarify, the game and duolingo have taught me a lot of French. And speaking of language, I just tried to combine "taught" and "laught" (when I meant "lot") in the last sentence. I do find somewhat that, the more foreign languages I learn (or attempt to learn), the more seemingly bizarre brain hiccups I have. It's not enough to be worried about it, and I just figure it goes with the territory. Or the territory of someone attempting to go for polyglot status who has just a run-of-the-mill brain.

Tomb Raider did exactly what I was hoping for: it got me interested in French. So much so that I'm now up to something like 95% article-reading ability according to duolingo, in the course of a month basically. To be clear, I think duolingo is full of it, but combined with my knowledge of Spanish (which I started around late August 2012), and my simple ability to guess, my French proficiency is getting stronger.

In reading anyway. Spoken French to me sounds like the same 5 syllables put together in different ways.

Like, take the words "pourtant" and "putain". They have very different meanings. My brain can't yet distinguish between them based on sound alone (unless someone speaks them side-by-side).

I just tend to think that everyone is saying "putain" a lot in French. Well, Tomb Raider isn't exactly helping since "putain" is far more common than "pourtant".

And that's why I love gaming in a foreign language, right? Other than just asking a native for a list, I can think of no better way to learn so many curse words in such a short time.