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finished Tomb Raider in French

25 Oct 2013

2013-10-25 15:14:02 -0500

Now I've got that empty feeling.

This was the second time I finished Tomb Raider. The first was in May or so when I played it in Spanish (I've never played it in English).

Just like back then, I'm left with this empty feeling.

I don't get that with every game I play. I view it as a sign that I really enjoyed playing the game and now I'm mourning the loss of it (I tend not to play a game's single player campaign after I've beaten it, even if I didn't get 100%).

I'd rank Tomb Raider up there with Uncharted in terms of games I actually like to replay.

Frankly though, if not for starting this "let's play" project, I probably wouldn't have replayed Tomb Raider for the simple fact that I wouldn't want to spoil it.

Kind of like Journey. I thought it was amazing the first (and only) time I played it. And I was just really moved by the ending. I don't want to spoil that.

Of course Journey and Tomb Raider are a wee bit different in terms of gameplay time. Journey was something I started one free morning and ended up finishing it a couple hours later. Tomb Raider is probably a 10 hour campaign if you're not trying to rush things. And possibly quite longer if you're going for 100%.

And frankly, Journey seemed like the sort of thing that just wouldn't be as fun on a second playthrough. I don't know. I'll probably never find out.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed Tomb Raider a lot the second time through. What I really really wish, is that it had a coop multiplayer story campaign like Uncharted (I think it's called coop Adventure). I'd be playing the heck out of that.

So now it's time to pick the next game for my "let's play" project. And to pick a language. I've been playing in Spanish since early spring or so. Not only that, but I even made a rule to not play games if they didn't have a Spanish dub. The logic went something like, if I'm playing in Spanish then gaming actually becomes a learning experience. Otherwise, it's just pure entertainment.

I'll probably be going with French for at least a few months. It kind of sucks in a way, because I assume it will be like Spanish was at first. I missed a lot of the storylines because I didn't understand enough of the languge. I played Spec Ops: The Line and managed to miss a whole lot of what was going on because I didn't understand enough (that might have actually been the first game I played in Spanish). Compare that though to Bioshock: Infinite several months later, where I basically understood all of it (still in Spanish).

So if I want to really bulk up on my French, I'm just going to have to get comfortable with the idea of losing out on plot points. Or, I'll have to just replay old stuff, like I did with Tomb Raider. But frankly, part of the point of starting the "Let's Play" project was to have a running record of where I was with French. And to capture the hilarious-to-me moments. Like in my Spanish playthrough of Tomb Raider where I got stuck in a room for 5 minutes. It had hinted to me at one point that I should shoot the farol, but I didn't yet know that word.

I sure as hell know what a farol is now.