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making an arse out of myself in French

26 Oct 2013

2013-10-26 23:19:36 -0500

So for good or bad, my reason to learn French was because of all of the French speaking traffic I got to my cyclone site during the Southern Hemisphere's summer months last year.

Going into it, I had no idea how many seemingly random French speaking islands there are scattered around the Southern Hemisphere.

And I guess I'd like to actually be somewhat competent in French instead of just relying on Google Translate all of the time.

I should also mention that I do a daily weather screencast. Right now, it's in my broken Spanish and my not-so-great English (though I am a native). My plan was to be able to speak French somewhat competently by the time the South Pacific Cyclone Season kicked off, which I was expecting to be December.

Well, the schedule got moved up a bit today as there's a new storm in the South Indian basin (their season is technically year-round, but last year it seemed to mostly coincide with the South Pacific's season).

So I had the choice, do I speak in French today or wait until December like planned? I decided that, in reality, I would probably be no more prepared in December than now, so what the heck.

So today I ventured into the land of speaking in French, off the cuff. Even though I was woefully unprepared.

I've basically been making an arse out of myself in Spanish every day, so why not add a language?

It was entertaining. To me.

And really, that's why I do it. I figure it's good practice. The big problem is that I never get feedback from natives so all I'm really improving on is what I think the language is. Like, I'm sure I've developed a bunch of incorrect Spanish habits over the months that I've been speaking my broken Spanish on the screencasts.

But I guess my big thing is that I'm not terribly worried about making anything a permanent bad habit. I just assume that if I get thrown into a situation where I actually speak to natives on a regular basis, I'll just naturally start to correct all of the bad stuff I've been doing.

My next question was going to be whether I should continue speaking in French every day once this storm passes. But now that I'm actually looking at the official cyclone season, it starts on November 1st (I had thought it was December). So I might as well just keep going.

Then the question will become, do I stop the Spanish once the Atlantic/Eastern Pacific seasons are over? Or do I just keep going and end up in some mangled mess of Romance languages?

These are my first world problems.