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I have 1000 French words in my head

27 Oct 2013

2013-10-27 13:31:21 -0500

As per Duolingo today:

I feel that Duolingo was so much more effective for me with Spanish than it has been with French.

Duolingo is basically a quiz engine that teaches you as you take the quiz. For things like Spanish, this worked out well. But I find that with French, there's just so much nuance and subtlety that I really need something far more in-depth than what duolingo offers.

It's also really frustrating to spend probably literally 15 minutes on certain lessons as I keep bombing out. To me, that's a good indicator that duolingo is not working so well for me.

I also find myself wishing that duolingo weren't so theme oriented. Or that they would at least break the themes up somewhat. Like, right now, I'm in numbers hell. When combined with the fact that I'm bombing out like crazy on the numbers section, it means far too much time spent on one subject without a break. It's very disheartening.

It's also frustrating when you miss a question because you do what's actually a correct translation that just isn't in the duolingo system yet (+1 for duolingo, they make it easy to submit an answer that should be correct, -1 for duolingo, because you still get it wrong and can end up bombing out with a correct answer).

So with my 1,000 words under my belt, I decided to retake the certification test. On 2013/10/04, I got a 1.83 out of 5. I just scored a 2.98/5.

And amusingly, duolingo thinks I can already read 95.2% of all French articles. I have no idea how they come up with that number. Or what it even means. Does it means that I can read approximately 95.2% of the text of any particular article, or that I can completely read 95.2% of the articles out there.

Either way, the number is far too high.

Unless the 95.2% is when using Google Translate. Then it's probably pretty accurate.