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live streaming with the elgato game capture software

27 Oct 2013

2013-10-27 01:59:49 -0500

The big update for 1.4 was the addition of more live streaming options. I've been playing with the live streaming for the last couple of nights and wanted to share some thoughts.

misconceptions / problems

First, I thought that the live streaming services would allow me to keep what I had streamed. I can't speak for youtube as I don't have a channel yet, let alone 100 subscribers, but I tried twitch.tv and ustream and I saw no option anywhere to save what was being streamed.

So, if you want to keep what you are streaming, you will need to make your own copy.

Next, if you do decide to record your own copy, apparently whatever resolution you decide to stream at, is also what your recorded video will be at. I only tried 480p and it looked pretty nasty. It gives some warning (in French for me) about lowered video quality, but I think it's more than just the change in resolution from 720p to 480p. I think it's also greatly lowering the capture quality as well.

The audio sync of the live commentary was pretty bad - several seconds off. I can't speak for whether it was off on the live stream, but on the videos I recorded, at least some of them were 2-3 seconds out of sync. This is obviously a huge problem if you've chosen the option of making your live commentary part of the permanent audio track, given that there is no way then to fix it.

Since I didn't do any formal manual sync tests in any of tonight's videos, I can't say whether the sync issue was one that grew greater over time or not.

Frankly, the sync issue basically makes the footage unusable.

Oh and for the record, I basically had the live stream going the whole time (except for one extended break), but I was stopping and starting the recording of the video files between each coop match. I'm not sure if starting and stopping the stream itself would have had any effect on the delay problem.

So my hope with the livestreaming was that I might randomly pick up some audience members whilst capturing some footage that I'd be given the chance to save later by the livestreaming server.

But now I know that they don't keep the footage and that the footage that my own machine makes is basically unusable. I basically have to decide in a session whether my priority is to make usable footage or to livestream, because I can't have both.

Still, I think it was a good experience. For one, now I'll be less nervous about actually doing something live like this. And it was kind of fun to attempt to stay in character by not speaking any English. I was playing in French so of course, I tried to stay in French, but I know so few phrases that I fell back on Spanish. And German.

Really my French consists of:


(Help me.)

À l'aide!

(Help me.)

Je suis mort.

(I am dead.)

On rare occasion, I get to use:


when I'm the one actually saving the day.

That phrase doesn't come up much.