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started Splinter Cell Blacklist

30 Oct 2013

2013-10-30 02:00:03 -0500

Tuesday, October 29th, I started Splinter Cell Blacklist.

I mention this because I think it took me something like a month and a half to finish Tomb Raider 2013 and that was as a NON-blind playthrough. And I was also rushing in bits.

Splinter Cell will be my first blind playthrough that I complete with this polyglot let's play project.

I'm playing in French and it's kind of amazing to see the difference between when I started Tomb Raider and now (about a month and a half).

For a bit on my background in French, I had a semester in school ages ago and then I've dipped a bit into it from time to time in no serious way. Up until recently, the biggest dip was probably the reading of the French weather advisories in relation to tropical storms last year (well, technically this year, but the 2014 season is about to begin… cyclone seasons aren't exactly aligned with the calendar year).

And then recently, I got this goal in my head that I wanted to have some bare level of fluency with French for the 2014 cyclone season so I tried duolingo.

Unlike with Spanish, French was hard. I was bombing out left and right on the duolingo quizzes. And also unlike Spanish, I didn't have some native material that I was in love with (for me it was a couple of Spanish singers and a telenovela that really got me hooked on Spanish).

Tomb Raider ended up being my attempt to fall in love with the language again. And it worked.

Typical of me, I still fell out of love with the studying of the language, but I did continue to play Tomb Raider, so I did continue to get exposed to it on a semi-regular basis.

I took a break from duolingo probably from early-ish October to just recently where I'm attempting to throw myself back into it.

I think when I started Tomb Raider, I knew like 100-200 words according to duolingo. Now as I'm starting Splinter Cell, I'm just shy of 1200.

I'm pretty sure I would've been absolutely lost on the dialogue of Tomb Raider had I not played it before (in Spanish). But with Splinter Cell, I'm following along pretty well. Or decently well for how much of a newb I still feel like in French.

I still haven't figured out what the blacklist is. Though I'm not sure we're supposed to know yet anyway. But there are these terrorists or something. And they're going to launch another attack in 7 days unless we do something. They want us to bring our soldiers home I think. I probably only know this because that part was printed out in English.

At some point I'm excited/terrified to try playing a game in a language I have almost zero previous knowledge of just to see how many things I actually pick up on.

For good or bad, given my knowledge of French and Spanish, this rules out all of the Romance languages.

If there were an amnesia drug, I could take it and then play Tomb Raider in Russian on the PC.

But then I wonder, what do the Russian enemies who kidnap you speak? English?

I tend to doubt it, but I think it would be hilarious if any game or movie dub did that. Russian is one of the go-to languages for English movies/games for "this person is not to be trusted". I think it would be hilarious to see that turned around and suddenly the English speaker is the one that everyone is on-edge about.