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the November list

01 Nov 2013

2013-11-01 01:47:45 -0500

I'm fantastic at procrastinating. I've been procrastinating on this very entry because I feel it's going to be very ordinary without any of the secrets projects being listed.

But anyways. This is my November list.

Of the items that aren't on the secret projects list, basically there's this blog and several French related items.

So, for this blog, I want to continue to write everyday. Which, as of late, seems to be getting harder and harder.

For all of the French stuff, I suppose the biggest item would be to finish the Duolingo French tree. Somehow, I've procured 1,200+ words without actually getting to the past tenses yet.

Despite having a decent working knowledge, I'm still a baby when it comes to actually communicating in Spanish in the past tense. And to my dismay, French and Spanish don't really have anything in common with the past tenses, so I can't just learn one and understand the other.

As I understand it at the moment, Spanish basically has 3 past tenses and French has 2. Spanish has the compound past, the preterite, and the imperfect. French has le passé composée et l'imparfait.

Spanish's compound past tense is easier: things get a form of haber plus the past participle. In French, the compound is composed of a form of avoir ou être. And then the past participle has to agree with either the subject or the direct object. In Spanish, the past participle is always the same bloody word.

On the plus side, the French verbs that take être seem to roughly coincide with what I remember from the German past tense where verbs of motion used sind instead of haben. Das ist aber gut, ja?

Idiomas sont schwer!