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how to jinx a milestone - blog about it

03 Nov 2013

2013-11-03 00:51:54 -0500

So yeah, the last time I made one of my secretive milestones, it got taken away. After I blogged about it of course.

Granted, since I was loose on the details, it's not like I lost face in public or something. It was just annoying.

Well, I'm back now to tempt fate by blogging once again about how I appear to have reached that very same milestone today.

Not only that, but I've reached the daily milestone above it as well. So if I don't at least officially reach the first milestone, then I've done something really wrong to anger the milestone gods.

Meanwhile, I've been playing Tomb Raider on the PC. Well, my 11" MBA to be precise. It's handling things well enough.

I'm wearing headphones so I can't hear the fan complain (in normal usage, I seldom ever hear the fan on this machine). It drops frames here and there, but it's pretty solid overall.

I have mixed feelings about playing on the PC vs the PS3. On the PC, I can aim better. On the PS3, the controls just feel more comfortable.

For one, I get super confused since I'm not used to playing WASD (way back when, I'd reconfigure for ESDF), so when it asks me to hit E or F, I'm temporarily confused because the keys aren't where my fingers expect them to be.

Also, the quicktime events are annoying on the PC. Apparently, this is an improvement because I've heard that when the game was first released, the PC version didn't even tell you what keys to press during a QTE.

But it's still dumb. On the PS3 (and what I've seen from xbox videos), the QTE event indicates what you're supposed to press inside of the circle thing that indicates when you're supposed to hit the button. On the PC, you have to read a freaking sentence at the bottom of the screen. So it fails on 2 counts:

  1. it's not always so easy to scan the sentence quickly to find out which key you're supposed to press (maybe that's because mine is in French, eh?)
  2. you have to quickly scan the sentence and then move your eyes back up to the circle area so you know when to press the button… your eyes have to do way too much jumping around

I wasn't a fan of the QTE events on the PS3 as it is. On the PC, I abhor them.

Meanwhile, I verified a suspicion: in the Russian version of Tomb Raider, when you get kidnapped by Russians, the subtitles aren't all "(speaking in Russian)", or whatever the Russian equivalent would be.

And if I actually knew how to type Russian characters, I could throw all of that stuff into Google Translate.

I've always thought it would be hilarious if all of the Russian text turned out to be something nice where they wanted to invite me to their tea party or something. But then I end up murdering all of them due to the language barrier and one big misunderstanding. Woops.

tomb raider in Russian