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lost in translation - Tomb Raider

04 Nov 2013

2013-11-04 00:25:33 -0600

One of my favorite lost in translation bits in Tomb Raider was when you're in this big building and basically destroying the support structures such that it's falling down around you.

I can't actually speak to what the English was, but in Spanish the line that Lara says is:

¡Tengo que salir de aquí pero ya!

Which I've always translated in my head as "I have to get out of here like right now." (Literally it's something like: (I) have to exit from here but already.)

The French is actually sort of hilarious by comparison.

Tomb Raider in

J'ai pas intérêt à trainer ici!

Which Google translate tells me means, "I have no interest in hanging out here!"

In comparison to the Spanish, it just seems so subdued. So polite.

You know, if the dialogue in English were like:

Excuse me kind sir, but would you mind terribly if I were to put this bullet in your face?

Look, I may be an assassin, but at least I can be polite about it.