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finished Tomb Raider in French again

06 Nov 2013

2013-11-06 00:34:29 -0600

On a whim I decided to finally install the PC copy of Tomb Raider that I bought during a sale months ago (I've played Tomb Raider twice through on a PS3 with a borrowed copy).

I have a "barebones" 11" macbook air but it actually did surprisingly well. There was lag in places, but with the exception of the final boss fight, none of it lasted long enough to really affect gameplay.

My settings are in French, but I appear to have run with:

I basically just took whatever default settings it gave me and since it was fine for like 95-98% of the game, I never tweaked anything.

When I did my most recent playthrough, I was recording everything, so I didn't do much faffing about.

Here, I mucked about to my heart's content. According to steam, I put in 15.1 hours.

I never really did get comfortable with the PC controls. Aiming was nicer of course, but everything else was super awkward.

Like, I never did really properly master using shift to dodge, whereas I felt like I had gotten pretty good at it on the PS3.

On the plus side, I didn't have any of the maddening climbing/jumping bugs that I ran into the last time I played.

Like, there was this one section, I believe near-ish to where you're going to make a mad dash for the helicopter and I died what must've been 10-20 times. I still don't know what was happening, but I assume it was that I thought that my controller stick was pointed in the correct direction but the game thought otherwise.

I nailed that section in one-go on the PC.

And I'm pretty sure it wasn't even supposed to be difficult.

As far as glitches went, I experienced far more on the PC version.

On the PS3, I think the only really glitches I experienced (and this was back in May or so) was that the game hard locked maybe once or twice. On my most recent playthrough, I don't remember a single glitch.

On the PC, I had the game crash a couple of times. I had music/sound get "stuck" such that it would keep repeating. Reloading from checkpoint fixed that.

I also had a section where I got stuck on a ledge. As far as I could tell, it wouldn't let me move at all. I was to far to the side to actually climb up, but I couldn't get Lara to move to the side. I also couldn't hit shift to let go and plummet to my death, so I just had to reload from checkpoint.

If I had been recording my playthrough, I'm sure I would've found the bugs much more annoying.

There were also some non-checkpoint-reloading glitches like this weird thing where I was murdering crabs on the beach with my piolet and suddenly I started ice skating (it resolved after a few seconds). Or this part in the dark forest at night where I went back and noticed that there were a couple of flashlights… suspended in mid-air.

Then there were the quicktime events, that I previously whined about in a blog entry. See, they are a combination of having to hit the correct button at the correct time, but with the interface on the PC, the thing you have to watch to know when is not anywhere near the text that tells you what to push. On the PS3 and xbox, the what and the when are in the same effing place. It's far easier to follow.

the next playthrough

I feel I'll want to return to the crazy island of Tomb Raider 2013 at some point in the future.

The question is when and in what language.