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assassin's creed brotherhood - the caterina sforza mission

13 Nov 2013

2013-11-13 01:01:56 -0600

So I'm replaying Brotherhood because the library had it (for free, man!) and I was thinking it might be interesting to play in French (I played AC3 in Spanish, but everything before then in English).

First off, it's confusing. I'm decently certain that at least some of the voice actors are speaking French with an Italian accent, or at least a non-standard French accent. And then it's also confusing because they keep throwing Italian phrases in.

When I played in English, it was obviously loads easier to distinguish what was Italian and not (given that I'm a native English speaker), but I'm getting temporarily confused every time they throw some Italian in now. I'm still far better at Spanish than at French, so I wonder if I would have the same problem if I were to play in Spanish.


The topic though is this annoying-ass mission where you save Caterina Sorza.

I'd like to murder so many people involved in the creation of this mission (however many people it takes, man).

First off, I guess I had forgotten just how insanely long some of the missions feel. No sense in starting one anywhere near bedtime or you'll cut right into sleep schedule.

And then the free-running where you're climbing around the castle was just unforgiving. Places where you were obviously supposed to go… well, I'd keep not aligning the controller just so and then I'd plummet to my death. Again and again and again.

And then you've got this annoying-ass sequence where you have to continuously recapture Lucrezia Borgia. Whose idea was this? Not only did I get lost several times, but she always seemed to free herself near a dead body so that the game, intelligent as it is, would think I wanted to pick up the dead body instead of recapturing her.

Oy vey.

I'm not sure I'll refinish the game.

Either the game just isn't as enjoyable the second time through, or I'm just losing interest in the franchise in general.

AC3 was a huge let down for me.