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thinking about starting the whole30

20 Nov 2013

2013-11-20 00:27:17 -0600

My background: I was keto for about a year and a half or so.

I wasn't strict keto in that I'd cheat from time to time (though not in a major way) and as time went on, I'd allow more natural carbohydrate foods in, especially fruits in my green smoothies (I didn't do green smoothies at all for the first year or so).

But something's changed and I just really feel like I need a reboot.

For one, perhaps I got a little too lax with the carbs and maybe I reached a tipping point of some sort. Maybe it's the cold weather, because as a raw vegan once upon a time, the cold season was murder on me, either due to lack of warm foods, or the lack of body fat I had at the time.

But I tend to think it's more so that the person I end up eating a lot of meals with who had been keto, fell completely off of it.

Frankly, I'm surprised that I'm still going this strong this many months later after watching someone else eat lots and lots of crap. I've often thought that my diet wouldn't survive the constant pressure of being exposed to all of the junk food (I'm lucky to work from home). So I really think that's a huge part of it for me.

Symptom wise, I just don't seem to be able to get satsfied from food any more. I'm only about 5 kilos up from my record low (which happened 2 months ago), so scale-wise, I haven't paid much of a price, but I just feel really bad about what's happening in general.

Personally, I always assumed that I would end up paleo at some point, but I wanted to see how well keto would work. And when there were hardly any ill effects (dry eyes being about the only thing), I just kept going with it.

But here we are. I'd obviously love to get rid of the dry eyes (they're not scratchy dry, but I can hardly tear up) but right now, I would just really love to reset things so I can get my feelings of fullness back to where they should be. I have had far too many days recently where I feel physically full and yet still crave something else. The days where I eat something I shouldn't have also been getting closer and closer together.

I'm just really looking to stop things before they really get out of control.

And frankly, I'd love to see if I could end my sweets addiction once and for all. Even when keto, I seldom ever went a day without something sweet, thanks to things like splenda and stevia.

Personally, I think stevia is safe. As for splenda, I figure it's a matter of the lesser evil: better to use that to sweeten up some otherwise natural ingredients than to fall completely off the wagon and eat something completely chemical laden and engineered.

But I definitely think it's worth a shot to cut out all of the sweet tastes, including stevia, to see if I can kick the sugar habit once and for all.

Frankly though, I feel it will probably end the cravings for as long as I don't have any sweet things. Meaning, the moment I have anything sweet, BAM, the cravings will all come back to me.

I've just started on the "It Starts With Food" book, so I'm wondering if they'll address sugary vegetables. I mean, things like butternut squash are deliciously sweet, so won't foods like those continue to jack with my ability to nix all sweets? Frankly, I doubt it will be addressed.

I would be thrilled though if starchy veggies were all I needed to satisfy my sugar cravings. I just tend to doubt it would work.