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I'm playing Far Cry 3 again

21 Nov 2013

2013-11-21 01:50:37 -0600

One reason, I've been replaying older things is the fact that I've got this game recording equipment, so anything new, I feel like I should be recording it. But I don't quite feel that way with stuff I'm replaying.

So it's Far Cry 3 now.

And I've already fallen into that trap of grinding. Or it feels that way on some level since I've done all of this before.

It's still fun. But it's not as fun as it should be I guess. I end up feeling somewhat addicted and playing for hours and hours without really feeling like I've gotten anywhere.

I often feel the same way about multiplayer, which is why I often end up avoiding it entirely. I don't want to get sucked in.

I have a love/hate with sandbox games really. There's just so much to do and you can get lost for hours, but again, you're left not feeling like you accomplished anything.

But of course, then there are games like Tomb Raider (2013). Despite it having a pretty big island to explore, and a decent amount of optional side quests, it still felt too short. Really, I think what it was most lacking for me (and an example of something that Far Cry 3 does have) is random non-story-line battles you'd get into.

Like in Far Cry 3, the bad thing about taking over the bases, is that you continually lower the chances of all of these random gun fights you can get into whilst exploring.

In Tomb Raider, once you had been through an area in the main storyline, there would often be a few enemies left over when you'd revisit. But I don't remember ever getting into a big gun fight.

I guess my biggest complaint with Far Cry 3 would be the fact that if you don't take over enemy bases then you have to get everywhere manually (by foot, or by vehicle). Given how flipping huge the place is (and right now, I'm still just on the first island), this makes it a PITA. Ergo, I started taking over enemy bases.

And this is where my free time is currently being wasted.