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23 Nov 2013

2013-11-23 02:01:25 -0600

Sometimes bugs are good, man.

Like speedrunning in games often exploits glitches to hilarious effect.

For me, in Far Cry 3 tonight, I somehow managed to invoke an infinite fall through the ground when I was trying to climb a radio tower.

Well, not quite infinite. I hit the water once. Then tried to swim to the light, then ended up falling again.

Then at some point, I hit some water again and that time I decided to let myself drown, since my closest rapid travel point was nowhere near the radio tower I was trying to climb. I figured it would spawn me far closer and in fact, once I finally drowned, it spawned me right back at the base of the radio tower.

I have no idea how I started the glitch, but I think I tried to open my wingsuit when I accidentally fell off of the radio tower.

What sucks of course is that I own the equipment necessary to record the PS3, so if I had been recording, I could've captured the glitch in all of its glory. Woops.

My buggy fall resulted in 2 trophies:

For some reason, despite playing in French, and having set my system to French, I'm still getting my PS3 trophies in Spanish.

So yeah. Sometimes bugs are good.

Meanwhile, I think I've reached (or am about to reach) the end of my replaythrough of Far Cry 3. I completed the radio towers tonight and frankly, I don't really remember there being anything super exciting to look forward to. It was enough to finish the game the first time. Absolutely. But I think I've reached my limit where it's just feeling like feeding an addiction for the addiction's sake or whatever. And that I'm getting less and less pleasure out of it.

First world problems.