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25 Nov 2013

2013-11-25 01:19:49 -0600

Uncreative title, for an uncreative post.

Despite talking earlier about getting weary about the grinding in Far Cry 3, I ended up beating it tonight (second time through, first time in Spanish, this time in French).

I did the last mission before I had finished taking over all of the outposts on the south island, and I was very disappointed to discover that you lose your bad guy costume upon finishing the game.

See, I got a little bit too much of a thrill from going up to enemies, having them chat with me briefly, and then stabbing them all in the throat. It's impossible when I look like freaking Jason Brody.

And on the whole30 side of things, I finally finished the book "It Starts With Food".

I basically cheated on the whole30 yesterday. I made myself some fruit ice cream (frozen fruit blended with coconut butter). Though the raw ingredients would be permissable on the diet, I was totally fixing it as a way to prop up my sugar cravings and to tackle the boredom.

Still, I ain't gonna beat myself up about it. Hell, my cravings so far have been for things that were permissable on keto (like pizza in a bowl, which is literally just cheese, pepperoni, and a bit of sauce in a bowl).

I could do a lot worse.