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the downside of finishing things

26 Nov 2013

2013-11-26 01:32:16 -0600

On the subject of first world problems, the problem with finishing things is that when you don't have something similar to fill the newly created void, you end up with withdrawal.

Or something of the sort.

Like I finished the "It Starts With Food" book yesterday, and I don't have a compelling read to replace it.

Or worse yet, I finished Far Cry 3 yesterday, and now I'm going through some video game withdrawal.

I've basically always had this love/hate relationship with video games. Something that has ended up manifesting itself as periods of binging followed by complete abstinence for sometimes months.

Even worse still, I managed to create a new first world problem for myself, by buying some PS3 recording software with the intention of recording let's plays and/or just trying to capture interesting moments.

The problem is that disk space is limited, so I don't just capture to capture. And the second problem is that sometimes I just want to play instead of entertain, so I often don't want to do a let's play.

And of course, one huge problem is that I haven't uploaded a single one, so I have no incentive to keep going. I have no audience, nor the hope of an audience, so I have nothing to lose by continuing to not make let's plays.

First. World. Problems.