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first world problems - waiting for GTA V to install

27 Nov 2013

2013-11-27 22:32:04 -0600

First, my PS3 hard locked when I went to install the update. WTF moment, since it's never not responded to holding down the power button any time that there's a lock up.

Now, I'm just sitting here waiting for the 8 something gig to install.

I have decided that I'm going to capture all of my playing with the elgato.

I won't be doing a formal playthrough, so I won't be mic'd (frankly I might if it weren't for the stupid lag issues with the elgato which basically means I have to record the mic separate and sync it in post, which is a pita).

I think I'll also see about recording in 480p since the filesizes will be dramatically smaller. I'm assuming that I'm going to log at least 40 hours of gametime. Frankly, that's one reason I want to record it, just to see how much of my life I end up losing the next week or so.

And this is where I should mention that it's a library checkout, so there's a limit on how long I get to have it before the fines start racking up.

See, so I have an excuse for why I have to binge on GTA for the next couple of weeks.

And as I finish writing this, it's still installing. On the plus side though, I'm kinda digging on the GTA V install music. So there's that.