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first world problems - Black Friday part 2

29 Nov 2013

2013-11-29 22:16:44 -0600

Black Friday both did and did not work out for me.

I planned to get up early enough to make it to Radio Shack to hopefully take advantage of the $100 Virgin Mobile iPhone 4 deal. Though I also figured that there was a good chance that my alarm would go off and I would say eff it.

By the time I was going to bed, it wasn't going to be a full night's sleep, but I ended up waking up after like only 2 or 3 hours somewhat sick from the thanksgiving meal.

I probably could've gone back to bed at some point if not for the fact that it was Black Friday. So instead I ended up surfing and looking things up, both just in researching what deals were going to be available online and also trying to figure out whether it was going to be worth it to get up anyway.

See, from what I had heard, Radio Shack often barely has any stock of their advertised deals, so I figured there was a decent chance that I could end up completely missing out.

So all of these things, in addition to the sickness, helped to keep me awake. By the time, I was thinking I could probably actually get back to sleep. Well then, it was nearly time for my alarm to go off.

I decided to stay up.

The fun thing is that the lack of sleep led to a compromised back which led to me eff myself up because my back muscles were too tired to support myself.

And basically, I've been hurting all day (I'm hoping that a proper night's rest is all I need).

Thanks to my back, I was slower in getting ready than I should've, but things did work out. Even though I got to Radio Shack later than I intended, they had 3 phones left. My intention was to get 2 (one for me, one for a family member), so I was happy that everything worked out.

Now, I have my new first world problem which is what to do about my Republic Wireless phone.

Frankly, I abhor the Motorola Defy XT. It's supposedly dust proof and scratch resistant. I can live with the scratches it's received, but for being dust proof, it's the worst phone I've owned. There's a big pile of dust that got trapped on one side of the screen. I've never had any other phone do that. Dust proof is such an effing lie.

But really, it's the OS. I've owned 2 android phones and both were stuck on the ancient 2.X series. I effing hate Android. Maybe 4.X is fine. I mean, I hear Android made a lot of improvements in the past few years, but I sure as hell don't get to find out.

Which I guess would be one huge problem I have with the Android ecosystem: upgrades. If your manufacturer, carrier, or whoever's in charge decides not to support the OS updates, you're SOL.

If Republic Wireless could somehow do a hybrid calling iphone, I would be in freaking heaven. But I'm not about to drop another $300 on a phone that I might like (the moto x).

My new first world problem is deciding what to do about the Republic Wireless phone. Frankly, if I hadn't paid what I paid for that POS phone, I would just drop the service and switch to the much more expensive Virgin Mobile unlimited plan.

I was willing to make that investment in the phone because I was supposing that I would stay with the service long enough to make the purchase price worth it (also, I never would've guessed that I would've hated the phone so much). I mean, basically I use it for calls and that's it. Oh, not true. I also use the camera LED as a flashlight. Other than that, it's dead weight in my pocket. I hate that I'm carrying something with me all the time whose functionality could easily be replaced by a $10 candy bar phone.

Here's where things get a little stupid. If I sign up for the baseline Virgin Mobile iphone plan, but keep the republic wireless plan too, then those two combined expenses basically equal the cost of just having Virgin Mobile's unlimited plan. And then I'm having to keep 2 phones.

I feel like the logical thing is to drop the republic wireless phone, cut my losses, and just switch to the VM unlimited plan.

I feel like I'm facing the same sort of irrational behaviour that happens with finances. Ya know, with things like stocks. You're staring at a stock you own where you know it used to be worth $X. You don't want to sell it for a loss because then that loss is permanent. So instead you keep hold of the stock and its value continues to drop and drop and drop. You would've been so much better off if you had just manned up and cut your losses when you had the chance.

For good or bad, Radio Shack didn't require instore activation, despite what the ad said.

The good: I was planning on cancelling service on the phone for the family member after a month (I viewed the $30 of service as part of the purchase price of the phone) and then it would just revert to a facetime/imessage/ipod touch device. So now I'm saving that $30.

The bad: despite what I was expecting, I haven't activated service on my own phone either. Why this is bad: maybe the service sucks and I would gladly cancel after a month (again, reverting the iphone to a facetime/imessages/ipod touch) and then I'd just keep my republic wireless phone for the right reasons.

What's been sort of amazing to me is how much I dig the iphone 4 despite it being a 3 year old phone.

I'm enjoying my phone which is something that I frankly haven't really ever done with my android phones (again, maybe 4.X is different, I wouldn't know).

What's crazy to me is that for what I was paying for 2 iphones way back in the day, I could now have 2 totally separate unlimited plans. Same freaking price.

The iphone was my last contract phone and I have no intention to ever return to a contract. So I was thrilled to find out that, not only can you get the latest iphone on a prepaid network without jumping through hoops, but that the total cost of ownership is actually cheaper on the prepaid service.

See, I'm used to the days where prepaid means you get second rate phones and that you get punished with a less than ideal cell plan, because prepaid is for people without good enough credit to get on a contract. I'm thankful that's no longer the case.

So, on the plus side, today I had a decent Black Friday experience, but it opened up this whole new can of first world problem worms.

That's a thing right?