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first world problems - black friday

29 Nov 2013

2013-11-29 00:44:14 -0600

Today's first world problem is shopping events.

Specifically, when things come on sale before you need them.

Like, I've got this audio interface that I mostly hate (Apogee One), but it still works. The audio interface that I was planning on buying as a replacement has been sitting at about $150 every time I look at it on Amazon (it's sitting in my saved for later, so I get notified on price changes). Right now, after all of the assorted discounts, it's a little over $90. That's a huge discount to me. But again, I don't need it yet.

My biggest annoyance with the Apogee One was the fact that it suffered from interference from my wifi adapter. I "solved" that finally by just putting the bloody thing on the floor. It's not optimal, but now it basically is fine.

I've also experienced weird crackly, degradation issues, but I think that's the OS, because I've experienced weirdness on another interface (I also got totally effed by the 10.8.5 upgrade, but upgrading to mavericks took care of all of those woes).

Next would be the shopping experience. This year, I may be participating in my first in-store doorbuster like event.

The price for the specific thing I'm after is good for a couple of days, but I have no idea what the stock is going to be like, so I feel like it may well be a doorbuster.

It's not a major retailer so I have no idea what to expect. I figure it could go either way: smaller shop, might mean a smaller crowd. But a smaller shop could also mean that they'll be totally unprepared for any crowd that they do actually get.

And now that I've read some threads and such, apparently this particular retailer often carries very little stock on these sorts of deals.

Ugh. This is why I love Black Friday. Online.

And finally the first world problem that sucks most of all, is that when you get your heart set on getting something and then it's not available, if you're me, you end up wanting to buy something just so you can fulfill that need to buy something. It's sad.

The truth of the matter though is that this potential Black Friday purchase is just a much older version of the thing I really want. So in reality, I might just be better off skipping Black Friday and buying the new thing instead.

I just wish I had a crystal ball you see. Then I could know if it was even possible for me to get the Black Friday deal without camping out. And then, even if I could get the deal, I'd use the crystal ball to know just how flipping long I'm gonna spend in lines and such. Maybe when all was said and done, that deal wasn't so great after all.

I hate Black Friday.