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first world problems - I'm getting billed for missed calls

05 Dec 2013

2013-12-05 22:11:03 -0600

Well, it's actually more than a gripe because, on my limited number plan, someone could basically toast all of my minutes just by calling me, whether I answer or not.


I've opened a support ticket with Virgin Mobile, but we'll see how that goes.

The whole thing just feels like it's been a nightmare. There was zero communication from their side about the porting process. If not for Republic Wireless emailing me with a service cancellation message, I wouldn't have even known that my service was ready.

Despite theoretically being able to do the whole thing online, I still had to call into VM to get activated.

I also got billed before my service was even ready (meaning before my number had even been ported over).

And now I'm having this bizarre thing where I'm getting billed for calls I don't answer. I'm sure it's also related to whatever caused me to use up minutes before my phone was even active.

I should also mention that these missed/billed calls show up as from my own number. There are at least 3 different numbers that should've been showing up instead.

I've never heard of this happening. I've had Virgin Mobile before and didn't get billed for missed calls, so WTF.

I do have one theory: Google Voice. Granted, my account is with Virgin Mobile, but both Republic Wireless (former carrier) and Virgin Mobile use Sprint's cellular service. And Sprint has this weird integration option with Google Voice where you can choose to have Google Voice active on your cell number instead of a separate GV number (e.g., if someone calls your cell #, you can choose to have it ring on multiple devices, just like you can do with a GV #).

See, that's the theory because the calls are being made to my cell number, NOT my google voice number.

So maybe this crazy integration somehow got enabled on my GV account.

I tried deleting my phone altogether, but that hasn't changed anything. But frankly, I'm not really convinced that it's deleted anyway. I deleted a work phone back when it was still Grandcentral. Hey guess what? When they moved over to Google Voice's system, they not only undeleted that work phone that I no longer had, but they enabled it. Such that whoever had that work phone was now also receiving my Google Voice calls and texts. Thanks Google!

So yeah. That's the only out of the ordinary thing that I can point to.

Like, maybe it's a type of call forwarding. I think the scenario would be: the Sprint integration is enabled on my Google Voice account, so calls to my cell number are instead routed into the Google Voice system. And for the Google Voice system to "pick up" the call, it counts as forwarding minutes or something. Hence, why I have all of these random 1 minute charges.

And all of this is why I completely deleted my cell phone number from my Google Voice.

But at this point, I'm done effing with it.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to get an actual response via email so that I don't have to end up in a call center again.

If however, they say to just call customer support, then I'll probably try a few more things to see if they make any difference:

Ugh. But just ugh. This whole process has just made me feel like I'm cursed or something.