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first world problems - getting billed for calls that go to voicemail

07 Dec 2013

2013-12-07 01:15:34 -0600

So, as it appears to have turned out, it's not the missed calls that are the problem. Instead, for some reason, Virgin Mobile is billing me for time that someone else spends in my voicemail box.

Basically voicemail picking up is being counted the same as if I had picked up the phone.

I verified this earlier, by leaving a 2 minute voicemail message, and sure enough, I got billed for 2 minutes.

Luckily, I didn't have to spend too much time convincing the Virgin Mobile rep that this was actually a thing and actually happening to me. At this point, it's been escalated to a SME (subject matter expert) and they're supposed to not only resolve the issue but also credit me for the minutes that I didn't really use.

I mean, I've had the Virgin Mobile service before, so I know things aren't this bad normally, but this whole initial process this time around has just been one headache after another.

Previously my theory was that it might have something to do with Google Voice.

Now I'm wondering if it might be Sprint and a problem from when I ported my number. Like, Republic Wireless and Virgin Mobile both use Sprint for their cell networks. So I'm wondering if somehow my voicemail box never got properly attached to my VM account somehow.

I'm not sure how accurate that would be since I still had to set up my VM voicemail from scratch.

I really have no idea. But I sure as heck tend to think that a lot of my problems stem from the fact that I ported my number.

Like, I'm pretty sure that activation would've taken probably 10 minutes or less had I gone with a brand new number instead of the several days it took with the port. And then I've never known anyone personally to get charged for calls to voice mail either, so maybe the port introduced that problem somehow as well.

The scary thing to me is that I'm not super neurotic about checking my minutes, so what if this problem recurs in the future somehow, and suddenly all of my voicemail messages to me are burning through my minutes and I have absolutely no idea that it's happening?

Frankly, it's stuff like this that makes unlimited plans worth it to me even if you're not using enough minutes to justify it.

I mean, you can always assume that customer service will eventually take care of you with billing errors, but how long will that take? How many hours will you have spent frustrated about it or actually on the phone talking to a rep trying to get everything sorted out?