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why am I using Ghost

08 Dec 2013

2013-12-08 01:10:03 -0600

No, not why I am using Ghost, but indeed, why do I continue to use it when I'm not exploiting anything about it.

A middleman blog or a jekyll site would be so much cheaper and safer to run.

I thought Ghost was going to be this magical thing that would keep me blogging.

But then I got burned enough times in the beginning such that I stopped writing anything in Ghost and instead just wrote it locally, then copy/pasted it into the Ghost system.

I've been doing this workflow for so long that I just really wonder why I'm even bothering with Ghost as a middleman now.

Plus, I'm getting kinda tired of my current workflow. When I edit in post, I have to edit in two places. And a lot of times, I'm too lazy and just update the Ghost post but not the original text file.

I feel this needs to stop. It just seems stupid.

And plus, then it gives me a chance to shop for a new text editor.

Much like with todo lists, I can never find the writing tool that really does everything I want.

I've been using Ulysses for drafting my posts. It's been working out. But I would like to have something that I could do some light editing on ios devices.

So what I'm thinking is probably a middleman blog with markdown plain text posts. Then I can use whatever text editor I want; I'll just need access to ruby to build the site.

That's the plan.

Instead, I'll probably just keeping doing what I've been doing.

Inertia is a powerful thing.