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trying out editorially

10 Dec 2013

2013-12-10 00:15:33 -0600

So, basically the point of this post is to test out editorially.

Frankly, what scares me most about a web based service like this is price.

It’s currently free but going to be either freemium or paid in the future. So I don’t want to get hooked on something and then find myself stuck with a monthly tool that’s too expensive in my mind.

Well here’s a huge effing problem I’m seeing with Editorially already.

At first, I thought it was my imagination, but then it happened again and again and more importantly as I was looking.

It’s deleting characters as I type them.

It appears to coincide with when it kicks in the auto-saving, and it’s terribly fucking annoying... or “fuking” as this thing wanted to call it.

So yeah. This is all I needed for tonight.

Editorially is absolutely out. Maybe it’s Chrome’s fault, but this thing is clearly not ready for prime time on my setup.

Shame, because it does look nice and I would really be curious about the group editing features.

Oh, and this deleting characters thing is happening about once or twice per sentence sometimes. So it’s not like it’s an infrequent thing.

It’s a flow killer and I’m done.