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testing 1writer on the ipad

12 Dec 2013

2013-12-12 23:35:51 -0600

As part of my in-progress overhaul of my blogging methods, I'm currently testing out 1writer on the ipad.

Previously, I tested Editorially and it went horribly. That web-based text editor was frequently deleting characters that I was typing. I would even see the character show up briefly and then quickly vanish. It was infuriating and I haven't used Editorially since.

I don't really see myself using my ipad for writing in the long term, but I thought it might be nice to find an app that I liked.

See, before I owned the original ipad, I envisioned using the ipad as a mini laptop where I'd do so much writing. Wrong. I hate typing on the screen keyboard (I'm using bluetooth for this). I mean, the ipad keyboard is a huge improvement over the size of the iphone's, but I just have wandering fingers that really really need physical keys in order to function.

So yeah. 1writer is fine.

One of the things that attracted me to it was an addition to markdown to add support for todo lists. In 1writer, you can do task items like:

The cool thing is that, if you're not in edit mode, you can just tap todo list items to check and uncheck them just as you'd expect. So I've been using it off and on to do a scratchpad style todo list where I can put actual todo items, but with all sorts of disorganized text too.

Here's one thing I don't know yet about 1writer: auto-saving.

I'm not gonna try on this entry, but I imagine the test would be to start working on a document, switch to another application, then kill the 1writer app from the active app list (no clue what it's actually called). If the file is gone, then presumably it's not auto-saving.

I guess that does it for testing this out.

I swear, I am often the person who spends more time researching/dreaming about tools rather than actually using them. The dream is always so much better than the reality.