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why did I install civ 5 again

14 Dec 2013

2013-12-14 02:02:08 -0600

I swear, based on how long Steam says that I had played it before, I couldn't have gotten more than 2 or 3 full games out of the way.

The style of Civilization V is a blessing and a curse. It's a hurry up and wait game. The nice thing about the waiting is that once you get far enough into a match, you can actually do other things like clean as you wait for your turn. So then you can pretend as though you're actually being productive while you play.

But it takes awhile to reach that point. In the meantime, everytime you're waiting for your turn, you're just waiting because there's not enough of a gap to do anything of use.

And then Civ 5 also begs the question, "why am I even playing?" I mean, if I'm spending most of my time just waiting to actually do something, and I'm not even enjoying the computer controlled moments, what's the point?

Which is probably why I gave up on Civ 5 so "quickly" the first time.

And I'm sure I'll be giving up on it again soon enough.

Ya know, soon enough as in 15 more hours of gameplay from now.