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the streak has been broken

15 Dec 2013

2013-12-15 10:47:21 -0600


Apparently I started my daily thing on October 14th. Oddly enough, I broke it on December 14th.

It wasn't planned. It's just that I forgot to do it.

See, here's the problem.

I have 2 other daily goals, but they are done in the early part of my day. Basically, except in rare circumstances, I don't leave the house for anything until I've done these two goals.

This has the benefit of making them really easy to remember to do, because if I'm thinking about leaving to go do something, I now naturally ask myself if I've done my daily goals.

But my writing goal has turned into a whenever I get home goal, which is dangerous.

See, I seldom ever want to come home and immediately start writing. Instead I often want to do some sort of decompression activity. Watch a movie, play a game, whatever.

So then I procrastinate on doing the entry.

And heaven forbid I actually conk out early, because then the likelihood that, when the time comes that I wake up to officially go to bed, I'm far less likely to remember to write something.

Like last night. I remembered at one point that I needed to do my entry, but wasn't interested at that moment.

Then I fell asleep early. And when I officially got ready for bed, the thought never even crossed my mind, and here I am left with a broken streak.

So something has to change.

Now I'm left with the question of, do I use this opportunity to switch this over to an early day ritual, or possibly switch to first-thing-when-I'm-back-home ritual?

I'd prefer to lump it in with all of my other daily goals, but this one takes longer than those, so while I can somewhat get away with doing my other daily goals in a panic if I'm running late for something, and that's not going to work for this entry.

The other downside is that I feel like I'm less likely to have material to write about if I do it first thing in the day. Whereas an evening thing can be used as an opportunity to reflect on the day's events.

I just don't know.

My next question is do I treat this entry as catch-up for last night's or do I just pretend that today's is now done?

Erm, first world problems?