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let's talk about the whole 30

16 Dec 2013

2013-12-16 13:58:29 -0600

So, I'm 20+ days into the whole 30 and I have to say, it's been no miracle for me.

Frankly, I wasn't expecting a whole lot because I figured that most people who report the miraculous results are coming from something more resembling the Standard American Diet (often abbreviated as SAD), whereas I've been eating either keto or close to keto for over a year prior to starting this.

the good


I do seem to be sleeping somewhat better. Or at least, I seem to be able to fall asleep faster and am going to bed a bit earlier most nights without having to force it.

sugar cravings

I can also say that I haven't had any serious sugar cravings while on the diet, which I guess I could consider a miracle. Especially if you consider that one of the people I often eat meals with has been eating bucket loads of carbs and other junk foods / sweets.

I don't feel miraculously cured of my sugar addiction though. On keto, I seldom ever went a day without something sweet. Back then, it would be things like stevia sweetened kool-aid, or splenda sweetened cream cheese (combined with lemon juice for faux cheesecake). Now, I'm still getting sweet stuff every day. But instead, it's through sweet vegetables like squash and fruits like bananas.

the bad

dry eyes

This was something I started getting whilst on keto. It started when the weather got colder, so I'm not sure if it had been happening before then and I just didn't notice or if the lesser humidity in the house and in the atmosphere was the tipping point.

For the most part, my dry eyes aren't painful, but they come with a bunch of other symptoms:

With the exception of one day early into the whole 30 where I suddenly had wet eyes (by comparison anyway), my eyes have been dry.

On keto, fish oil is the only thing I had found that actually seemed to be helping.

I figured that if whole 30 was as good as it's supposed to be, then I shouldn't need to supplement. I'm eating pasture-raised meats, using pasture-raised ghee (yeah, I know the ghee itself wasn't in the pasture).

But at this point, it's clear to me that I'm going to need to go back to taking fish oil as a supplement. I do wonder though, if I were to eat fish once or twice a week, if that would be enough. I don't really like the taste of fish though. And it stinks.

stuffy nose in the morning

Given that I'm off of dairy, I would think that I wouldn't be getting these symptoms. Frankly, I didn't pay attention enough on keto to know if my current symptoms are worse or better than then, but my instincts tell me they're worse now.

It's not a huge thing, but I always just assumed that morning nose stuffiness (unrelated to actual sickness) was due to cheese or dairy consumption. Apparently not.

no cheese

Speaking of cheese, I don't miss-miss cheese, but I do miss being able to use it as a quick way to get some fat and protein. And things like scrambled eggs are absolutely boring without them.

it's expensive

I find it kind of sad that buying real foods, the foods we should be eating, can be so expensive.

I'm hoping to eventually figure out ways to make my food go further without sacrificing on quality.

actually gaining weight

So, according to the book, you're not supposed to be weighing yourself during the whole 30.

If you're someone who obsesses on their scale weight, this is probably good advice.

For me, I was already in the habit of weighing in daily and I wasn't about to drop that habit.

I've lost a little, gained a little, and overall I'm pretty much stagnating.

More frustrating is that I actually feel heavier than when I started. Clothes don't fit quite as well.

most disappointing

So far, my favorite results from a style of eating was from raw vegan. I had a super amount of energy and I was sleeping awesome.

Those were the results though. Raw vegan proved to be very difficult to maintain and I was driven nuts by cravings for the several months that I was on it.

Keto was much better cravings wise, but I never experienced that surge of energy.

I was hoping to get that surge of energy from doing the whole 30, but sadly, aside from possibly sleeping better, there hasn't been a difference in overall energy. Basically, it's the same as keto.

where I'm going from here

Originally, I had thought that I would just stay with the whole 30 style of eating, but now I don't know. I might just end up going back to my not-quite-keto style that I was doing prior to starting this.

Frankly, I doubt that I'm going to see miraculous results in the next few days.