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my latest first world problem

19 Dec 2013

2013-12-19 21:23:27 -0600

I feel like an ass for even having this problem.

Something I bought on Black Friday had an offer where they would later send you a limited time coupon for money off your next order. It wasn't going to be a whole lot of money, so my plan was to just buy itunes gift cards with the coupon if there wasn't anything else I needed by then.

So today I was finally going to buy some itunes gift cards, and during check-out I learned that they apparently screwed up and made the coupon more valuable than it's supposed to be.

So my first world problem basically boils down to this: at this newer higher amount of money, I feel it's stupid to buy full price itunes cards (if you're patient enough, you can get as high as a 20% off deal on the itunes gift cards).

And of course, I waited until the coupon's almost expired to find this out. So now the rush is on to try to figure out something more worthwhile to do with the extra money than just buy itunes gift cards at full price.

To me, what really makes this a true first world problem, is that I'm whining about the complications brought on by free money.

Dear universe, I will glady accept more complications if you're willing to send me more free money.