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paleo mayo first impressions

22 Dec 2013

2013-12-22 20:56:52 -0600

the recipe

This recipe is from the Well Fed book and also can be read on Melissa Joulwan's site.

First, you crack open the egg into a blender and combine it with the lemon juice.

Then you let it sit until it reaches room temperature, which apparently takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

Once properly warmed, you then combine the dry mustard, the salt, and a 1/4 cup of oil (the rest is coming later). Blend on medium until combined.

For the final cup of oil, you slowly drizzle it in, which takes like 2-3 minutes if done slowly enough.

first impressions

First, I learned that a 8.5 oz bottle of oil is not quite enough. It was close enough for my purposes though. See, I wanted to audition several different olive oils to see which one made the best mayo.

I used a generic storebrand oil that was supposedly light tasting. I'll have to compare it sometime to something that's not light tasting, but at the moment, I would not agree with the light tasting label.

The mayo was also too lemony. Perhaps a different (less potent) lemon juice, would take care of that. Otherwise, I can just experiment with using less.

Finally, the blender.

I didn't want to use a raw egg in the same (plastic) blender jar that I use for my smoothies, so I picked up a $10 blender on amazon that was well reviewed. Unfortunately, it did not work out.

blender requirements

needs buttons that stay locked on

I didn't realize that the blender only had a pulse button (more on that later), but pulse buttons were designed for just that, and hence they don't have buttons that will stay depressed when you use them.

This means that for that 2-3 minutes that you need to drizzle in the olive oil, you're also having to work to hold the button down.

needs a medium speed

Pulse was also inappropriate for the drizzling. Until it gets thick enough, its kicking everything up toward the top, so you have to be careful about not making a huge mess.

So definitely a blender with a medium speed would be necessary.

Plus, this blender probably was not meant to be operated with the pulse button on for 2-3 minutes continuosly, so it made a lovely smell.

probably needs more room at the base

As the mayo thickened, the blender also continually locked up such that I had to stop and stir it by hand because none of the oil was making it into the mixture.

My theory is that this was because the blender jar was pretty tiny and/or that the blade was too small to move everything around properly.

Even with all that said, I was surprised at how well it turned out. I just definitely don't want the hassle of using this blender to do it again.

I started shopping for bigger blenders, and though a replacement jar for my main blender is still far more expensive, I think I might go ahead and buy another jar.

Until then though, I think I'll just live with making smoothies in something that previously held raw egg.

And hopefully I can get access to a dishwasher for an occassional deep cleaning. Frankly, if I had a dishwasher, I would probably deep clean the blender everytime I made the mayo.

A girl can dream.