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first world problems - shipping estimates

30 Dec 2013

2013-12-30 22:28:08 -0600

Things that were supposed to arrive this Thursday and Friday as well as sometime next week, are now all apparently going to show up on Tuesday. Curses to you, zappos!

I only complain because it affects the plans I had for tomorrow.

So what really makes it first world problems is that I'm complaining about zappos greatly beating the expectations they set.

One of my huge pluses of Amazon's Prime shipping service is being able to know exactly when you need to buy something to get it on X date. But I had several experiences where things got delayed due to weather and in some cases actually showed up earlier than expected (for instance, if you buy something over the weekend that's supposed to show up on Tuesday, there seems to be a decent chance that it will show up on Monday instead).

Though it will be an inconvenience, it's still pretty awesome. And I've got my fingers crossed, that maybe just maybe, I'll find my perfect shoe soon, so I can hurry up and start the dreaded process of returning everything.