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the least productive day

05 Jan 2014

2014-01-05 22:06:02 -0600

Today was both the day where I spent the most time working (or at least it felt that way), while still being the day with the least to show for my work.

I've got a project where I'm wanting to create an international version to expand my reach.

I've wanted to start on one for months, but one thing or another has tripped me up.

One huge cluster is the fact that I have a whole bunch of different variants of this main site idea. The content is tweaked and/or totally different, but the underlying structure is the same. And it drives me nuts to know that making improvements and/or just changing the underlying code is going to take like 5 or 10 separate manual updates.

So, when wanting to do a separate language version, though it would've been much quicker to just create yet-another-variation, I didn't want to end up with more of that manual hell.

So, I don't have much actual work to show for everything I did today. In fact, nothing is really public yet. Frankly, my goal is to basically always have something public to show for the work. Otherwise, it's just not as satisfying. Plus, it prevents me from getting into those loops where I delay launching something.

Today was also a nightmare in some ways because I just felt so overwhelmed with trying to construct this model of what multiple international sites would look like.

At this point though, I think I've got it all sorted out. Right now, the plan is to just launch the one additional language site, but see, my bigger scheme involves probably 5 or more.

So tomorrow's work is going to be mostly about writing the actual content (hello, google translate!) and doing whatever tech work remains, which is hopefully not much.

At the very least, things ought to go tons easier mentally.

It's just not fun when a bunch of your work session involves wanting to throw your hands up and quit.