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launched another language site

10 Jan 2014

2014-01-10 23:59:34 -0600

If not for Cyclone Ian and then all of the cyclocane work that followed, I had actually planned on launching another language site the day after I launched the French site (it was Swedish this time).

Basically, I'm running these experiments to see just how much mileage I can get out of Google Translate. Can I start to get organic traffic without knowing the language hardly? Spoiler alert: yes, because I've done it before.

So far though, for all of the sites I've run, it's always been a language that I'm at least a tad familiar with. At one time or another, I've done German, Spanish, French, and Swedish. Swedish is definitely my weakest.

In some ways, I'm doing it as a testing ground to see which languages are worth pursuing. For instance, I got a ton of French traffic to Cyclocane last year during the South Pacific Summer. And that directly influenced my decision to learn French this year, because I wanted to be more useful than just having to turn to Google Translate for everything (but at this point, I still am given that my receptive ability in French is kilometers above my expressive ability).

So back to the Swedish site.

One of my goals when I spent ages building out the French site was to make it easily repeatable in different languages (well, easy is the wrong word... I wanted it as DRY as possible). So I'm happy to report that it worked out pretty well.

On a random note, I'm finding mosh to be useful as a replacement for ssh. The big caveat right now is that there is no scrollback functionality, so if you want that, you have to start up a tmux or screen session.

But here's where it's been handy for me: I can leave my dev environment open (it's a tmux session), put my computer to sleep, and then wake it back up and not have to re-establish all of my ssh sessions. And when I say "all of"... right now, it's just the one, but it's still a time saver.