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what actually happened today

17 Jan 2014

2014-01-17 23:47:57 -0600

I hadn't intended to spend all of my writing time earlier writing on the subject of bugs in Editorial and Byword, but I did.

On the plus side, I did discover a workaround to this formerly show-stopping bug so I'll be continuing to use Editorial to write content. It's just that I'll have to make sure not to disconnect the keyboard/kill the bluetooth mid-session.

It's actually not horrible if I do, because I can still prevent/"fix" the bug by exiting and re-entering the document with the keyboard attached.


My actual work today was to set up a new scraper for Nouvelle-Calédonie, who was in alerte cyclonique orange thanks to Cyclone June. Grâce a June? Por la culpa de June? La faute de June?

Speaking of faults, it took Spanish to make me realize that default is a really weird word in English too, I just never saw it before. Por defecto sounded (and still sounds) weird to me, but it made me realize that English has it baked in the word too de-fault. One of these days, I'll look up its origins, but I'm far too lazy today.

On the subject of the scraper, I'm absolutely expecting it to break. Almost everything I write is fragile. Part of it just goes with the territority of scraping things that aren't in an official data format (gimme JSON dang it). Part of it I'm sure is my skill level. Or just my desire to get the job done.

That's what testing libraries are for, I say. I start by writing the easiest thing that makes the tests pass, and then I just refine it as necessary as I get more data. It's worked out so far.

Cyclocane also tends to break. A lot. Or some days it feels that way.

And it always seems to be breaking when I don't have the time to fix it.

That's probably everything in life though. We never sit around and think, "hey, it would be a really awesome time for the fridge to break".

Oh yeah, that happened today too.