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when time spent does not equal results

19 Jan 2014

2014-01-19 16:58:25 -0600

Today was somehow a huge time suck.

I've been unofficially logging time spent on projects and today I spent 2 hours on something that was worth like 15 minutes of my time.

Which is why I've found that I really like the well defined tasks. I can knock out a task or two in short time. Or at the least, I don't end up feeling like I wasted a whole bunch of time.

So today's task? I fixed a twitter bootstrap collapsing issue with the fixed navbar. See, when you'd resize the browser to certain widths, it would overlap things and it just looked bad. But it was on a website that no one even visits, so it wasn't really a priority.

And sadly I didn't really even find a true fix. I just found that certain amounts of text on the fixed top navbar can result in it overlapping strangely at certain widths.

Really I wish I knew enough design and css to do this stuff all by hand.

Or at least to have the skills so I could do it all by hand.