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I went looking for trouble

21 Jan 2014

2014-01-21 17:46:04 -0600

I broke Cyclocane.

Not really.

But given that I was desperately searching for something worthwhile to do today, I ended up finding it.

First, I did this tiny fix where there were a couple of JavaScript libraries that I was loading every single time. Why does this matter? They're only necessary for when I show a Google Maps map on the page. Which only happens when it's a National Hurricane Center storm. So basically, they're completely irrelevant libraries to include for more than half of the year.

And in the process of working on that, I happened to notice that the coordinates weren't getting picked up in a Fiji tropical weather outlook.

So I fixed that.

So now I can be left with a feeling of actually having accomplished something today. Yay.

Now to go to bed and get up tomorrow and do it all over again.