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21 Jan 2014

2014-01-21 21:31:35 -0600

So today I am far behind.

On the plus side, I procrastinated on my important projects by getting some procrastination out of the way related to returning shoes. On the plus side, the online shoe shopping did have a happy ending in that I finally found a pair that I was mostly happy with. Though that's a subject for another post.

So today, I have an ulterior motive. I've borrowed an ipad mini and am trying to write my entry on the ipad mini. It's an original, so no retina, so I won't get to know how nice next would've looked with full retina.

I think Editorial with its default font size is not quite big enough based on how far I have this thing away from me on a regular basis.

I think it's also quite possible that this virtual keyboard is way too tiny. But hot damn. This thing is doing a good job of actually figuring out what I meant to type (I normally disable auto-correct).

And the first world problem with an ipad mini vs an air is that it's only a $100 difference between them, so it's not like you could at least comfort yourself by thinking of how much money you saved by getting the smaller screen.

I can say that the mini is sufficient. Whether I'd want to type on it all the time is another matter. And when I say "type on it", I'm of course talking about using an external keyboard. I don't even type on my full-size ipad. Can't stand it except for super short stuff.

I will be interested in trying out some pdfs on this thing though.

And the other thing about the mini, is I'm not sure if the smaller size is such a huge win anymore. Frankly, I don't know if it would've been a big enough win over like the ipad 4 or something. And I've never actually gotten to try out an ipad air for any time longer than just playing with it at a store.

So I bumped up the font on this thing. I don't know. What I'd really love to do is just to spend a week with a retina ipad mini and an ipad air and find out which one I reach for more and then buy that one.

And it's not like my ipad 3 needs replacing anyway. I just like to create first world problems for myself.

So speaking of which. Part of the point of this rambling entry was to figure out what to work on tonight.

That was a huge part of my problem today and why I ended up doing nothing. I know I'd like to start building a website that's dependent on front-end technologies.

I started playing with Opal yesterday and (unlike Dart), it wasn't terribly complicated figuring out how to integrate it into my current workflow (I never did figure this out for Dart). But now I'm kind of stuck. I'd like to start playing with Vienna but there's precisely one project I know of that was written using Vienna/Opal: the todoMVC app that's in the opal team's github repo.

I'd far prefer there to be some tutorials, and even better yet an actual book, but none of that exists for Vienna nor Opal at the moment. And one sample app isn't enough for me to feel confident enough to start jumping in.

And frankly, all of this JS related stuff is just me procrastinating on what I'm truly supposed to be doing. Ya know, figuring out the infrastructure for building an app I could actually charge money for. As mentioned before, finding the idea that people are actually willing to pay for somehow terrifies me less than figuring out technical solutions I can live with. And somewhat for that reason, part of me is thinking that maybe it's time to finally bite the bullet and learn Rails.

And then there's Pythonista and some of the science-y stuff I want to do. And I want to build an ios app or two. There are just too many different directions that I want to go and I personally don't feel capable of keeping all of these different paths going.

But yeah. JS stuff. I'm attracted to browser stuff because it's cheap to host. The user's computer does so much of the crunching that you as the website owner have less to worry about if you suddenly get super popular.

Today is a day where I actually wish that Cyclocane would break. Then at least I'd have a clearly defined task to take care of.