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all the pre-work on the unnamed future weather project

22 Jan 2014

2014-01-22 16:50:49 -0600

cyclocane - fiji outlooks

My first work of the day involved figuring out how to handle Fiji's tropical weather outlooks when there's more than one outlook area. Hurray.

unnamed future weather project

Talk about procrastination.

I started this project something like a year and a half ago. I'm finally getting ready to launch something public.

My problem has been that so many things about running this project has required non-trivial human interaction. And that removing myself from the equation was going to take a massive amount of work.

Basically today's work was all about moving towards being able to run the update scripts from cron. And after several hours of work on it, I'm still not done with it.

My original workflow was to manually go to these weather data model sites, and and look to see what the latest weather model was. And worse yet, then I'd have to manually download the different raw data and then merge it myself before finally running the scripts that actually did something useful with all of the raw data.

I made things better over time, but until today, I was still very far away from actually being able to run the entire process from a cron job.

I'm hoping to finish things up tomorrow and actually be able to run the entire thing from cron.

It will be the first glorious step in actually finally launching this thing.

Two years later.