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24 Jan 2014

2014-01-24 20:03:11 -0600

Confession: I'm finishing this entry nearly 2 days after I actually started it.

If I remember correctly, I had really intended to do something with Dart or with Opal, but I was running out of awake time and ended up settling on something that was both straightforward, but also a good forward step in hopefully building my first complete SaaS app.

I had previously finished setting up cron with my weather models project, but I still didn't have a good place to actually view the imagery. See, before when I was running things by hand, I would just startup a python http server whenever I wanted to get the imagery from the server to my local machine. But now that seemed silly now.

Plus, I wanted a server I could leave running and also password protect since the imagery I'm currently generating is huge, and I don't want someone running up my bandwidth bill.

So today's work involved getting nginx going the way I wanted it.

Specifically, I setup a new subdomain (given that I still have yet to figure out a good site name) for my weather models imagery. And rather than actually bother with building a full site with middleman, I settled for figuring out how to get nginx to do directory indexes.

Finally, I setup basic auth on nginx. I would tend to assume that basic auth is easier to crack, but I was just looking for something straightforward, and I got it.

I still intend to look into more user friendly auth systems. Possibly by using omniauth, or maybe warden (I don't want to have to learn Rails just to get a bleeding auth system).

My problem up to now is just that there's been too many options with no clearcut winner. I am considering the option of exploring several of them, and then blogging about the experience, to help me clear my own head about which one seems to work best.

It kills me though. An auth system is common. I feel like there should be one officially sanctioned Ruby way to do it.

Frankly, the further along I get with programming, the more I find myself wanting to have decisions made for me. I want sensible defaults instead of having to research every single thing myself and having the anxiety of choosing the "wrong" one and being stuck with it forever.

I'm gonna have to make some actual decisions soon though. I'm sick of being a "wantrepreneur" when it comes to doing paid apps.

I want to move to that blessed stage of "okay, I built it, now where is everybody?"